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Leo Tolstoy. Anna Karenina.

Throughout his life, Leo Tolstoy lived in doubt and anguish. It seems that, despite the fact that he has become a recognized author of important world masterpieces, he found himself. It seemed that after much thought and internal wanderings, writer decided in life, started a family, has established itself as an unsurpassed master of words, but the last years have shown the opposite. On the fifties, when the light has already seen the novel "War and Peace", moreover, he received worldwide recognition, the writer began to rethink his life. All last years of his life covered depression and internal weakness, which almost did not lead him to suicide.

Against these soul-searching, most likely, and was conceived novel "Anna Karenina." Speculation critics and witness suggest that the author intended it for three years before beginning work on the product. He said to his wife back in 1870, although the beginning of work on the novel refers to 1873. By the time Tolstoy was already mentally broken, which could affect the novel. Originally it was intended to describe the life of a woman of high society, which is confused and lost in it. He planned to make of Anna victim of circumstances, which is not to blame for the fact that, being married, fell in love. While working on a novel, the author has repeatedly changed his attitude to her character, as well as replaced by his mood. In the hours decline, manifested the very mental weakness, Anna Karenina became repugnant to him, and the "vulgar", he hated her. However, as soon as there enlightenment, he took the pen with even greater enthusiasm. When you finish working on the novel, the author praised his novel as unrivaled in its perfection, and compared it with a building that has no visible seams.

As to the nature and degree of fault of Anne, the first drafts suggest that Tolstoy wanted to do with the charges Karenina, making it absolutely innocent, and already in the first sketches he put another question about the guilt of a woman who are legally married, fell in love other. Did she have the right? Most likely, the first author's intention was not successful. The novel is ripe in the head writer, but he was unable to start. And gave him the idea sketch of Pushkin's "guests arrived to the country. Reading it again, Tolstoy understood that the events must begin exactly as described in Pushkin. He immediately drew up a person present, thought to future events and even wrote a draft of a novel. Thick, yielding yet another emotional outbursts, even showed his desire to finish the novel in two weeks, but all are aware of the fact that the novel was written for almost five years, starting from 1873 to 1877.