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August 28, 1828 was born Leo Tolstoy, whose name is inscribed in golden letters in the history of Russian and world literature. The writer was born into a very noble family of the Count. His mother belonged to a famous princely family Volkonskiis, and his father was a member of the Patriotic War of 1812. Leo was the fourth child and from an early age realized that this is now an orphan - his mother died when the writer was 2 years old, and his father was gone after 9 years after his birth. Parenting Tolstoy engaged distant relative, who introduced the future writer with a family history and traditions, which are then not every writer has used in his work.

When Tolstoy was 13, his family was forced to move to Kazan, where rearing took another relative PI Yushkov. Two years later, the future writer entered the department of oriental languages ​​at Kazan University, but in 1847 he quit teaching and went to Yasnaya Polyana. Once in the estate, Tolstoy faced with the fact that above all it was necessary to run a household, which he failed, and in the autumn of that year, went to Moscow and then to St. Petersburg, where he was about to take the examination at the university. These years are associated with youth's search for meaning. Many doubts led him to want to be a writer, which he decided to devote his life.

Like many great writers, Tolstoy spent some time in the Caucasus, arriving there in 1851 with his brother Nicholas. Original nature and life of the Caucasus have a fresh approach to the writer's work and was given a large stage for creativity, which resulted in a number of works. Returning to Russia Tolstoy began creative activities, the press in the journal "Contemporary". And it is a twist in the fate of the writer was to take part in the fighting in the Crimean War, where he commanded the besieged Sevastopol battery and showed with considerable courage. As a writer it was another experience that resulted in a first in a series of "Sevastopol notes." In 1855, Tolstoy was back in St. Petersburg, where he became acquainted with the most famous writers at the time, members of the circle "Contemporary". However, creative communication he quickly tired, and the writer in 1856, he went to the estate, and then abroad, where he lived for two years.

Upon arrival in 1859, Earl was engaged in charity. He opened more than 20 schools for peasant children. In 1862, the writer married and moved to Yasnaya Polyana, trying to completely surrender to the family. However, in 1863, it completely captures the idea of ​​"War and Peace." The first part of the novel was published in "Russian Gazette" in 1865. There in 1873 was intended "Anna Karenina", which the author wrote almost 4 years.

following years were marked by radical change in the mind of Tolstoy, who even refused to private property. The writer died November 7, 1910 after a short illness, the course of which, by the way, watched the whole country, and by the time Leo has gained international fame.