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Tolstoy novel "Anna Karenina" is a philosophical proposition of human happiness. From the very first lines of work, the author states that all of our family something like one another, all of us in his own happy and unhappy at the same time. The author encourages readers to engage in dialogue about the question of man's place in the family and society at large. Considering the number of married couples, the author conveys involuntary comparison of the perspective of the issue. He is interested in the question, can a man live strictly within the family, or the family can not exist without society. Tolstoy's interest, oddly enough, not a question of unity of the family, and therefore, happiness, he explores the question of the destruction of the family. And to all the questions the author did not find an answer, as if it can do to the reader.

What is the happiness of man, that would like to know, Dolly, who lives in a marriage is good kids, but there is no happiness, because her husband was not only right, but also cynical. Changing his wife, he did not feel guilty, and once changes, then it is also looking for the most human happiness. Although by all appearances, he is madly loves his wife, loves children. Dolly, being an intelligent woman, she decided to keep the family in any way, she closes her eyes to the lies and deception, and they do not stop. For Dolly is not critical, Steve is cheating on her or not. They have been living on their own, the spiritual bond between them is broken. However, the important thing is that they live according to the laws established in society, even if these laws and immoral.

Another example - the family of Kitty and Levin. Here the situation is different - the love, and mutual, is, and human happiness, again, no. But the fact is that they are locked in a narrow circle, and can not feel the beauty of life. They also can not provide answers to many questions about human life and happiness. Tolstoy is trying to understand, and maybe he is not there looking for examples of true happiness. On the same issue, he sinks to the level below, and is considering at a peasant family. However, the apparent idyll and got there deception and hypocrisy. Again, a human tragedy. And here comes the image of the engine, which does not look at others, he is moving steadily at the man trying to kill him. The tragedy of Anna Karenina is not that it is bad or good, the thing is that she could not escape from this very engine of life.